By Eileen

Come to Ming Chuan University’s International College, where you can visit different areas, departments, and rooms that provide students with the opportunity to find any resources that are needed for classes and real-life practice.

MCU has built a high-speed network to allow students to access textbooks and electronic materials anywhere on campus. Internet-connected computers are available in offices and computer labs that install much-needed software that will definitely be helpful for you.

The library will provide rich resources to meet your information needs with a comfortable reading room. There are currently more than 900,000 books, including more than 200,000 references, academic books, newspapers, and magazines in English to support and facilitate IC students’ study and research. Besides the reading room, the library also has an audio-visual room, fully equipped with projectors, audio, and air-conditioners for a group of about 20 people. You can also apply for a pass to use the pre-installed photocopier in the library.

Moreover, in IC, educational resources are more than just materials, you will get to practice in real-life environments and contexts. The university provides students with equipment: like a small studio with a system of tables and chairs, cameras, lighting, recording, sound, and projectors to have an authentic experience. And if you are interested in filming outside the school, don’t hesitate to come to the IC office to borrow equipment. A set of cameras, trolley, boom operator, and more are available for you.

Finally, the most trustworthy resource you can ever find for all your classes and projects is, of course, our lovely IC staff and professors. They will be more than happy to assist you. So, don’t be shy and go find them.