Midterm Examinations Next Week!

Midterm examination week is from October 31 to November 4. Each student’s midterm examination schedule has been posted under Exam Schedule and Location Query on the Student Information System; please check in advance and make a record for your reference to avoid missing the examination time or being in the wrong classroom. In line with the epidemic prevention measures:  Please Wear a Face Mask for All Exams!

Under the famous MCU plum-blossom examination seating arrangement, there are multiple courses taking exams in one exam venue; students must take the exams on time in accordance with their individual schedules. Please make sure to bring your student ID and stationery items for all examinations. Students who are more than 15 minutes late for an examination are not allowed to take the exam.

Language listening comprehension tests will be implemented using computer cards; please use 2B pencils to mark the computer cards as well as fill in the version number, Student ID number and class code.

Student Affairs Division would like to remind students that they are not allowed to apply for personal leave during the midterm examination period. Students who need to apply for sick leave with a certificate of diagnosis for the date of missing an examination, or other types of leaves, must submit related documents for a special case leave on an examination day.

Furthermore, please turn off your cell phone before taking examinations, as any ringing sound (including vibration mode and alarm) will be considered as a violation of the examination regulations. Please take exams honestly with absolutely no cheating. Wish you all the best on your exams!