MCU Sees New Faces Attending Its International Program

by Cherish Kyateesa Kyeyune

Ming Chuan University (MCU) hosted an orientation on February 16th, 2024 to welcome newly admitted international students to further their education in the International College English-taught programs. Orientation was held at both the Taoyuan and Taipei campuses to help these students settle in and become acquainted with Taiwan. On February 19th, 98 new international students will begin a new semester in their respective programs at MCU, with 53 studying at Taipei and 45 at Taoyuan.

The orientation provided an overview of what to expect as a student at MCU and in Taiwan. At Taipei, Nancy from International Student Services and Selina, who is now based at the Taoyuan campus, guided the event. It began students receiving their documents to confirm their registration along with their tuition fees before going into depth about the regulations and expectations for their academic careers. For example, students were informed of MCU’s grading system and classroom etiquette, as well as conduct grades and the schedule for the upcoming semester. Additionally, students received a detailed campus map to help them find classrooms for their future classes.

Eager to pursue degrees at MCU, the students are beginning their undergraduate studies in the Journalism and Mass Communication, International Business and Trade, Fashion and Innovation Management, Tourism and Travel, Information Technology Management, and International Affairs and Diplomacy programs. In addition, some are also entering the Graduate Program in International Affairs.

Students from the USA, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other nations around the world were welcomed. One student joining the Journalism and Mass Communication class stated he chose MCU for its English programs and “to experience a different environment and culture” compared to what he is used to at home in the Philippines. Also, a previous exchange student who spent one semester at JMC has become a matriculating student.

Also during the orientation, students learned about the ins and outs of legally staying in Taiwan, the penalties for noncompliance, and the laws of Taiwanese society. Assisting them in understanding their rights as foreigners living in a new country, the staff members covered information which can be used in situations such as a car accident, ensuring their safety in finding work while studying, and avoiding scams.