MCU Commended for Quality of Self-Study Design Report

Ming Chuan University (MCU) was recently commended for the planning and content of its Self-Study Design for re-accreditation by MSCHE Vice President Dr. Haq. Early on Monday morning May 15, Dr. Haq met online with Ming Chuan’s Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), MCUMI President Dr. Robert Yien, and the MCU Steering Committee members for a prep visit required as a part of the Self Study process that the institution is currently undertaking.
This round of MCU Self Study for MSCHE re-accreditation began in late 2022 and will continue through early 2025. An on-site visit by an evaluation team is tentatively scheduled for spring 2025 and the Commission will act on their recommendations in June 2025.
MSCHE assigns each accredited university to a specific Vice President (VP) for consultation and oversight and the VP currently assigned to MCU is Dr. Kushnood Haq, based out of the MSCHE office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
During the May 15 meeting, Dr. Haq reviewed each chapter of the draft MCU Self Study Design Report submitted in early March and repeatedly commented on how comprehensively the report covers helpful information for the evaluation team that will be appointed in the upcoming months. He commended Ming Chuan for its good planning and how effectively the visuals in the report communicate well about the university’s institutional priorities, mission-goals and education pillars. Moreover, he was highly impressed with the inclusion of staff, students, faculty and administrators in each of the Working Groups.
Dr. Haq also commented that many institutions in the U.S. face the same issues with declining enrollments and challenges in recruiting sufficient students as MCU and other institutions of higher education in Taiwan. He encouraged Ming Chuan to share its experience and learn from the experiences of other MSCHE institutions.