Teaching characteristics in International College

By James F

Globalization requires students with a multicultural thinking process. Globalization has taken the world by storm, so how can International College help you prepare and plan for your career path? With diverse backgrounds, International College creates ample space for students to learn, unlearn and relearn culturally.  As globalization impacts every culture in the world, it’s high time to equip students with analytical, communicative, and persuasive skills facing the world in multiple demands, such as politics, consulting, business, public relations, professional writing, advertising, and academia. International College provides students with enrichment and professional growth opportunities for all majors. By delivering a hands-on curriculum, it provides students with a unique environment to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and give back to their homeland or communities.

Therefore, International College requires substantial coursework in a variety of disciplines. Fortunately, our faculty members are blessed with a broad range of expertise and are on a mission to inspire and develop competent new generations. Unorthodox teaching methods aim to unlock students’ potential, embracing creative ways to extend education outside of the classroom, specific industry internships, and collaboration with real world business institutions are just a few examples. Overall, the goal is to propel students to:

– Cultivate their critical thinking habits

– Work and organize in a team of diverse backgrounds

– Lead and dare to question the norm

– Advocate a position effectively and ethically

While students are deeply rooted in various cultures, International College strives to develop a supportive community. Students are known to be lively, and open-minded, bringing a positive spirit in various ways to grow together. Faculty and students each play their role and take responsibility for their parts, to ensure we work as a system and a tightly-knit community, and also accompany students to develop their own career paths. The future world requires young talents not just with knowledge, but also skill-based competencies, boldness to explore multiple layers of their own practices, and to be flexible with change. To lay foundational work for students to cultivate professions and fields of study, International College is confident to say they’re the top-tier choice for ambitious students!