Finals are Coming Next Week!

The final exams will be held next week from January 10‭ ‬to 14‭, ‬and students are required to wear masks throughout the exams‭. ‬Students are reminded to focus on their studies‭, ‬make their best efforts‭, ‬and have a happy winter‭.‬

The final exam schedule is posted on the Student Information System‭. ‬Please check it online and print or record it to avoid delaying your right to take the exam by being in the wrong classroom‭. ‬Please remember to wear a mask‭, ‬bring your student ID card and‭ ‬arrive early in the exam room with necessary stationery items in hand‭.‬

The Dean of Student Affairs reminds students that‭ “‬personal leave‭” ‬applications are not accepted during the final exam week‭. ‬Applicants needing other leave should apply online on the day of absence and submit supporting documents for processing within two‭ ‬days of absence‭ (‬including the day of absence‭). ‬The deadline to register online for leave of absence is Friday‭, ‬January 14‭, ‬and‭ ‬the deadline to submit supporting documents is Monday‭, ‬January 17‭. ‬

If you are absent from any final exam due to leave of absence and wish to apply for a make-up exam‭, ‬please apply online on the day of absence and complete all the above leave of absence procedures‭. ‬Those who have already taken an exam cannot apply for a make-up exam‭.‬

Last but not least‭, ‬please turn off your cell phone during the exams‭. ‬Any sound is considered a violation of the exam regulations‭. ‬We wish you all the best in your exams‭!‬