New Year’s Eve Countdown and Large Scale Celebration Epidemic Prevention Advocacy

For the health of all students and faculty, kindly observe the following CDC and Ministry of Education regulations and guidelines. Avoid crowded and unventilated public places. Students and faculty are encouraged to watch the New Year’s Eve party on TV or the Internet; participate in New Year countdown events virtually via phone, video chat or online get-together. 

On December 22, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) stated that considering that New Year’s Eve events tend to attract crowds, with people standing or sitting in close proximity to random people for extended periods of time, the public is advised to observe disease prevention regulations listed below when attending those events.
1. Event organizers shall provide ample supplies of hand sanitization products and shall clean and sanitize public restrooms more frequently.
2. No standing tickets shall be sold for indoor events; event organizers shall keep a record of contact details of participants attending such events and take participants’ temperature and disinfect their hands before they enter the venue.
3. Participants shall wear a mask all the time throughout the event and shall not consume food except for the purpose of staying hydrated. Those who refuse to comply with the regulations after being advised are subject to penalties.
4. The following persons may not attend such year-end events: people under home quarantine or home isolation, people subjected to self-health management, people who are experiencing suspected symptoms, including a fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, and an abnormal sense of smell and taste; event performers and staff shall also abide by this rule.
5. Participants attending such events shall have a mobile phone with them and keep it switched on to receive information related to disease prevention.