20 DAE Students Earn MICE Professional Certification

Twenty-one Applied English Department (DAE) students participated in the examination for MICE Professional Certification this October, and 20 of them passed the examination, for a 95.24% passing rate this year. This certification covers meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) for industries.

This certification is awarded by the Bureau of Foreign Trade in Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

Chair of the Applied English Department, Dr. Chaochang Wang, mentioned that “DAE courses such as English for MICE and Special Topics on MICE offer our students a very solid foundation and understanding of the MICE industries. Also, with authentic experience in hosting our annual DAE International Conference, students are equipped with practical skills and knowledge related to MICE.

Every year, students are encouraged to participate in the examination. With Dr. Li-Jiuan Tsay’s guidance, the number of students earning this certification is growing rapidly. Recognizing a demand for MICE professionals, the DAE strongly encourages students to obtain this certification which will lead to better competitiveness for students’ career development.