【833Enews】New Undergraduate Program in International College this Semester

from International College International College (IC) is starting a new undergraduate program this semester, entitled International Affairs and Diplomacy (IAD). This program provides training for students who are interested in becoming professionals in both academic and practical fields including international affairs, global governance, diplomacy, international business, mass communication and journalism, and cross-cultural management. The new program is actually a spin-off of the Graduate School of International Affairs (GSIA). The director of GSIA and IAD chair, Dr. Nathan Liu, said that GSIA has negotiated with the Ministry of Education for the approval of IAD for several years. Dr. Liu is so excited about the approval of the program this year and he said, “It is a dream come true.” Dr. Liu believes that IAD is a perfect match for GSIA and will be able to provide students with “continuous, complete, and comprehensive” education. Lisa Lai, a local student and the student class leader in the new program, is also very excited about the brand-new college life in front of her as she looks forward to cross-cultural experiences with IAD international students from all over the world. Ashley Chen, another Taiwanese student, decided to join the program because she believes that this will be a very good opportunity for her to interact with people from different ethnic groups and cultures without going abroad. “Besides, I love challenges,” she responded when being asked if she feels comfortable using English as the instructional language. With about 30 students enrolled in the program, IAD is confident for promising development in the near future and, as Dr. Liu said, “is ready to take off.”

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