Plans are underway for Ming Chuan University’s 37th Sports Festival. The event, scheduled for the Taipei Campus outdoor court on March 19 from 12:10pm, is in celebration of the University’s 54th anniversary. Teams from departments across the university’s two campuses at Taipei and Taoyuan will do battle for the top prize in track and field, tug-of-war and Creative Cheerleading Dance. Undergraduate and postgraduate MCU students are all eligible to form a team in their departments or schools, and sign up for the competition. To participate, fill out the registration on the Physical Education Office website and submit it to the Physical Education Office at the Taoyuan or Taipei Campus. The track and field will begin this Friday March11 on Taoyuan campus and will see students compete in 100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters races, High Jump, Broad Jump and Relay Race. Each unit must register one male and one female contestant to participate in each event. A contestant is only eligible to sign up for two competitions at most (not including the relay race). In addition, each team must choose one captain and one leader to take responsibility during the competition. The Creative Cheerleading Dance Competition will take place on Saturday March 19 at the Athletic Field on Taipei campus. Teams will advance to the finals based on their results from the preliminary round of the competition scheduled for Friday March 18 at 2pm. All participants must register at the competition field 15 minutes before each competition and bring their student ID. School officials hope the competition will encourage a greater interest in sports among the faculty, staff, and students’ while also promoting mental and physical health. The P. E. office has arranged buses for participants on Taipei campus to commute to Taoyuan campus for the event. Buses will leave at 11am.