by Curry Lin The 2010 graduation ceremonies will be held on June 12 (Saturday) and June 13 (Sunday) for Taoyuan and Taipei campuses, respectively, both starting from 6:30 pm. On Taoyuan campus, all graduates need to arrive in their respective venues by 5:30 pm to prepare for the ceremony, while on Taipei the set arrival time is 5:10 pm on the day of the ceremony. Aside from encountering an emergency or being excused by the university authorities for some important reason, all graduates are to attend the graduation ceremony. The Taoyuan graduation ceremony rehearsal will be held on June 10 (Thursday) at 9:00 am, while that for Taipei will be at the same time on June 11 (Friday). Graduates who are being awarded prizes, class leaders, and representatives need to attend the rehearsal. The name list of prize winners will be announced on the university website. Students don’t have to wear graduation garb for the rehearsal; however, sandals and slippers are prohibited. For the graduation ceremony, all graduates should be attired in white shirts, black ties and the graduation cap and gown. For women, skirts are not to be longer than the graduation robe. For men, please wear long black pants. The graduation ceremony should end by 8:30 pm. At the end of the ceremony, there will be retrospective videos and fireworks. Parents are welcome to join the ceremony.