International Students Participate in Women Empowerment Forum

International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) held the “Empower Women! Empower LAC! Forum” in Taipei on February 15. Four TaiwanICDF scholarship recipient students in the International College of MCU were invited to attend the event to hear from women from Latin America and the Caribbean who came to Taiwan to share their achievements in working with Taiwan to promote women’s rights.

Participating students included Jenny Stephana Wedjine Merise (Haiti) and Tammy Alessandra Mendoza Hernandez (Honduras), who are enrolled in the Bachelor of International Business and Trade Program at MCU, as well as Daisy Marisol Bailey (Guatemala) and Shema Josephine Edward (St. Lucia), both of whom are enrolled in the Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication Program at MCU. They testify to Taiwan’s achievements in promoting international women’s empowerment.

Daisy Marisol Bailey shared after the event that it was a very much needed experience. Attending this conference and hearing women’s unique stories and inspiring words was very encouraging. Education should be a basic right to any person and these programs that TaiwanICDF is able to provide are very valuable. This encourages her to keep fighting and learning in hopes of helping other young girls and women discover their worth. “Women are amazing and they deserve to know how powerful they are.”