MCU Ranked 10th in “2023 University Performance Growth Ranking”

Cheers magazine published its “2023 Best University Guide” on February 20, wherein Ming Chuan University ranked as the 10th best university in the country, its best ranking ever.

Ming Chuan University is the first U.S.-accredited university in Asia, and is committed to promoting multilingualism and cross-border instruction, cultivating students’ global career strengths, and implementing the educational philosophy of localizing global knowledge and globalizing local knowledge to enhance students’ career strengths and international outlook and vision.

MCU Vice President Dr. Lynne Lee said that MCU has spared no effort in promoting internationalization, not only is it the only university in Taiwan that has received approval from both the Taiwan and U.S. governments to establish a branch campus in the U.S., but in recent years it has also developed into a global university with 5 locations across national boundaries (Taipei, Taoyuan, Jihe, Kinmen, and Michigan in the U.S.) and three education centers (Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam). The number of foreign students in the 2021-22 academic year continued to rank first among private universities.

In recent years, MCU has been actively promoting the “10 Pillars Competency Evaluation” and “Practical Abilities” to cultivate students with profound basic knowledge and solid professional ability. In the face of digital transformation and increasingly fierce global competition, MCU has introduced AI courses to equip students with practical experience in AI to keep pace with the times, and at the same time strengthen independent learning ability, cross-disciplinary learning, and flexibility in diversified development to stay ahead of the career starting line.