by Saroj Sakshi‭ (‬IBT3B‭)‬

Hult prize is an annual competition which challenges students in around 121‭ ‬countries to make a start-up idea complete with their business and revenue model‭. ‬For more than a decade‭, ‬Hult prize has encouraged students globally to awaken the entrepreneur in‭ ‬them and bring a change to our ever evolving world‭. ‬Every year‭, ‬Hult prize announces the theme on which the start up plans will‭ ‬be based on‭. ‬This year‮!&‬s theme is‭ ‬‮!’‬Redesigning Fashion‮!(‬‭. ‬This year‭, ‬participants are expected to come up with start-up ideas‭ ‬that have a good business structure while also meeting at least one of the global sustainable development goals‭.‬

This year‭, ‬Ming Chuan university is also partaking in this global competition‭, ‬to provide our entrepreneurs with a competitive‭  ‬platform‭; ‬to help them broaden their perspective and to show them the wonderful opportunities that await them outside our campus‭ ‬walls‭.‬