Ming Chuan University – A Multi-Cultural Utopia

By Jin Jang
The International College (IC) at Ming Chuan University was the first institution in Taiwan to allow students to earn degrees through courses completely taken in English. This marked a milestone in Taiwan’s higher education system. According to university statistics, there are more than 800 international students from around 60 countries who are pursuing a degree in the IC, including those from countries such as the United States, Honduras, Belize, Dominican Republic, France, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Becoming a member of the International College is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and be a global citizen. In fact, IC is a most active academic unit at the university since it holds extracurricular activities and events throughout the year. By participating in events such as the Halloween Party, Christmas, and Choir Competition, we can interact and work with different people from all over the world. As a result, we get to understand more about the cultures of our friends and practice our communication skills.

Additionally, in line with the trend toward globalization and internationalism, courses taught in IC are specifically designed to include contents that can help students discuss topics trending worldwide and find their own voice. IC’s teachers are open-minded people who encourage students’ personal development. In the classroom, no matter what our opinions are, we are all welcome to share our input without being judged, which is slightly different from what’s usually seen in Asia. And the chance to study with competitive classmates will push IC students to continuously strive for excellence.