World’s Top 2% Scientists, 6 Ming Chuan Scholars on the List

The “World’s Top 2% Scientists” recently released its latest list for 2021. A total of six Ming Chuan University professors were selected for the list, including President Lee, Hsuan-Shih of Ming Chuan University, who is known for his expertise in aviation management, Professor Chiu, Fu-Chien of the Electronic Engineering Department, Professor Chang, Chun-Ming of the International Business Department, Professor Shyu, Shyong-Jian and Professor Su, Ming-Yang of the Computer Science and Information Engineering Department, and Professor Tsai, Chia-Wen of the Urban Planning and Disaster Management Department. This enhances the visibility of Ming Chuan University in the fields of engineering and information technology.

The list of “World’s Top 2% Scientists” is published by a team of Stanford University experts and Elsevier Publishing Group using the world’s largest citation abstract database, Scopus, as the main source of data. This list comprises 22 academic fields and 176 sub-fields, evaluating the influence of scholars’ research results in various fields for their academic careers (Career-long impact) and annual impact (Single year impact).