Cloud Course Selection Agent System Ready for 1st Semester 2022-23

As the second semester of 2021-22‭ ‬AY draws to an end‭, ‬the preliminary Add‭ / ‬Drop Course Selection Online Service for 1st Semester of 2022-23‭ ‬AY will open next Monday‭ (‬May 23‭) ‬and will be available during different periods depending on students‮!&‬‭ ‬class year‭. ‬The Cloud Course Selection Agent System will be available for registration of online course selections for the 1st Semester 2022-23‭ ‬from May 17‭ (‬Tue‭.) ‬until the day before online course selection begins‭. ‬Students‭, ‬don‮!&‬t forget to select courses online‭!‬

As the university is conducting distance online teaching this week‭, ‬if students have related course selection questions‭, ‬they can ask their department secretary for help through their department Facebook page or e-mail‭. ‬All students are reminded that during the initial selection stage‭, ‬students can only select courses from their home department‭. ‬Students who would like to choose courses from other departments‭, ‬online courses‭ (‬Accounting‭, ‬Economics‭, ‬and Calculus‭) ‬or retake courses‭, ‬need to wait until September 2022‭ ‬when the add/drop courses online selection opens for in new semester‭.‬