【IC EDITION】IC Communication Exchanges

Joneli Pinelo 潘晉琍

When studying in International College (IC), there are a number of exchanges that happen between the international students. Despite occurring in the smallest moments between students, these exchanges can have a huge impact on anyone willing to learn from their peers.

The first and most obvious is communication exchange. In the IC, students get a healthy dose of communication challenges. Whether it is presenting in English as a second language, or sharing one’s personal perspective from one’s own cultural lens, all culture groups in any course must learn to communicate eloquently and tactfully together. We’re challenged to learn to work alongside our peers all in an effort to surmount the challenges that each class throws our way.

Second is the exchange of political awareness. In classes, we learn about the political climate of the countries of our peers and are sometimes challenged to question our own perspectives. These challenges are character building, challenges that I highly recommend making the most of and using to help develop the person we are each becoming.

Third is job opportunity exchange. Believe it or not, as time passes, you may end up working alongside your peers from abroad! These serious companionships, and business relations can create worthwhile opportunities for both parties. With that said, nurture the friendships you make and don’t be scared to talk about future prospects together.

In the end, IC is a buffet for those hungry for cultural growth and business opportunities. So, take advantage of your intercultural exchanges!