【IC EDITION】High School Memories

Thitiporn Kitiwanprasa Rn 楊培培

When people ask me about my favorite memories, the first story that comes to my mind is from my high school years. Those days were the most precious time of my life. I had so many laughs, and maybe many tears, too. I think the thing that makes me love those days most is that I got to spend every single minute with my favorite people, my friends. As I said every single minute, it’s literally every single minute.

My high school was an all-girls boarding school which means my friends and I had to stay at school from Monday to Friday. We woke up, got dressed, and had breakfast together. During the day, we also had class in the same classroom all day long. At the end of the day, we still hung out with each other. So, they were the ones who laughed with me and cried with me.

They were the ones who were always there for me through ups and downs. It’s not just because we spent so much time together, but it’s because at those times we proved how much we care about each other and that’s when our friendship began and it’s still there until now.