MCU COVID-19 Prevention Notice (Effective October 12, 2021)

Handled in accordance with the updated epidemic containment instructions listed in the MOE official Letter No.TTH1100133873 issued on October 4, 2021. MCU Adjustment of Teaching Method and Class Format Effective from October 12 (Tuesday) :

◇ Class size, including the instructor and students, below 80 people: Class resumes on-site format, not restricted to safe social distance nor to plum-blossom or spaced seating arrangement. Please be seated where there is an open seat.

◇ Class size exceeds 80 people: Class adopts dispersion format, wherein students are dispersed by odd and even weeks according to the second to the last digit of their student ID, even or odd; or the teacher can disperse students in groups on their own. Teachers, please fill out the Form to Inform University of Teacher Revising Class Format Dispersion Arrangements online in the e-form system. (For further details, please refer to Academic Affairs Division Website).

◇ On-site classes must be conducted with assigned seat arrangements, members must be set, and Real-name Registration must be implemented. Instructors are asked to please take photos for future epidemic containment follow-up when it is not possible to follow assigned seating arrangements.

◇ Face masks must be worn at all times and be sure to disinfect hands. Eating and drinking or chatting during class are forbidden.

◇ Classrooms must be kept ventilated and be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Tools, machines and equipment used in class must be disinfected.

◇ Epidemic containment regulations for “Physical Ed, Swimming, Internship Courses, Performing Arts Courses”, “Assemblies Outside of Regular Courses”, “Open Campus Space”, and “Campus Food Service” are to be handled in accordance with the amended “2021-22 Academic Year Guidelines for COVID-19 Prevention and Management” of the Ministry of Education. (For further details, please refer to Epidemic Prevention on MCU Homepage.)

The University will adjust teaching method and class format on a rolling basis in accordance with relevant announcements and regulations of Central Epidemic Command Center and Ministry of Education.