64th MCU Anniversary Celebration Launches On March 20

The theme of the 64th MCU Anniversary is “Ming Chuan AI Transmits Knowledge Globally”. The Anniversary Celebration ceremony will be held on Saturday, March 20, 2021 in the university’s Taipei Campus Sun Yat Sen Auditorium, hosted by President Shen and Chancellor Lee. Service Awards and Excellent Employee Awards will be conferred on a total of 239 faculty and staff members.

Due to the coronavirus, although the 64th MCU Anniversary ceremony will be held at on Taipei Campus, the Cocktail Party, Sports Festival and Cheerleading Dance Competition are suspended this year.

In accordance with government regulations for holding large events during the COVID-19 containment period, all participants must comply with real-name registration, wear face masks, accept temperature-taking, maintain a flow of fresh air indoors and maintain social distance. With the above management procedures in place, the university sincerely invites all academic and administration unit administrators, faculty and staff members attend the 64th MCU Anniversary ceremony. Wonderful activities and gifts will be provided for all participants. The make-up holidays for the 64th Anniversary have been approved and will be taken on April 1 (Thursday) and April 6 (Tuesday).