Caring for Overseas Students at MCU – Safety Measures and Cost-controlled Quarantine Dormitory

In response to the government’s extension of the fall and winter epidemic prevention program and the strengthening of quarantine measures, all foreign students who enter Taiwan will not be admitted to campus for 22 days, from the first day of entry, 14 days of home quarantine, and 7 days of self-management. In order to serve foreign students, the off-campus dormitory is certified as a quarantine dormitory by the Department of Health of the New Taipei City Government, and MCU provides a vehicle to transport foreign students from the airport to the quarantine dormitory, with one person per room and personal care. The fee is only $800 per person per day, which significantly reduces the financial burden on foreign students.

In response to the fact that foreign students (including spring admittees) are unable to enter the university due to the epidemic, or are unable to attend classes during the period of quarantine and self-management, the university has initiated measures to provide peace of mind and timely notification of entry and exit, so that the university, faculty, departments, and teachers can keep track of the status of foreign students in real time.