1128 Graduating Students Earned 10 Pillars Certificates

Ming Chuan University cultivates students with 10 basic capacities; by assisting graduating students in earning 10 Pillars Certificates, they are equipped with interpersonal relationship, global mobility and basic problem-solving abilities. A total of 1128 graduating students earned 10 Pillars Certificates in 2019-20 and 45 among them earned Certification of Excellent 10 Pillars Competency and scholarships.

Fan, Chung-Yuan, Secretary General of MCU explains that 10 Pillars Education cultivates a set of core competencies established by the institution, which includes traditional basic capacities along with professional core capabilities for future workplace applications. All graduates are equipped with Morals, Knowledge, Health/Sports, Teamwork, Aesthetics, Planning, Communication, Technology, Internationalization and Employability, to launch as globalized talents who can meet current and future society needs.

Reminder for First-year Students: Cultivate your capacities from now for earning 10 Pillars Certificates. MCU has established 10 Pillars Education website at http://10pillars.mcu.edu.tw/en for students to understand the relevant information. Students are welcome to query their 10 Pillars Education status through Student Information System at any time.