Final Exams Changed to In-Class Assessment

To comply with COVID-19 disease containment, the university has resolved to cancel group examinations for this semester’s final exams. The evaluation method is changed to in-class assessment set by the respective faculty members. The original schedule of the final exam period conflicts with the Dragon Boat Festival long weekend of June 25 to 28; thus, faculty members can follow their own course schedule and complete final exams in class before June 30. Final exams for English core courses will follow faculty members’ announced time to be executed beginning from June 15.

Students are to pay attention to faculty members’ assessment methods in different classes, participate in examinations on time, obtain good exam results and embrace summer vacation happily. Academic Affairs Division especially reminds all students that the university still follows strict disciplinary principles even though it has resolved to cancel group examinations; students should follow examination regulations. Please do not lose something big over a small action; don’t test the rules.