MCU Social Science Field Ranked Top 1% in ESI

Ming Chuan University attained another achievement in academic performance, being ranked Top 1% of Highly Cited Papers in Essential Science Indicators (ESI) for Social Science field in September 2019. The March 12, 2020 announcement noted 3 highly cited papers from Ming Chuan University among the data collected over the recent 11 years.

Essential Science Indicators comprise 22 fields, and is publicly acknowledged as one of the most important global references for judging discipline development level. Essential Science Indicators analyze the data of SCIE and SSCI from Web of Science, provide the number of papers, cited papers, the average number of citations in each field, highly cited papers, hot papers and research fronts to present the essential science indicators and science trends information. The complete data on all papers for the latest 11 years is renewed every March. The Social Science field includes Hospitality, Leisure and Recreation, Physical Education, Travel, Sociology, Societal Issues, Social Science, Information Technology and Library Science.

September 2019 marks the first time that MCU Social Science field ranked in the Top 1% of Highly Cited Papers in Essential Science Indicators (ESI). According to the ESI report, MCU Social Science field ranked 1441st in the world, 25th in Taiwan. There were 216 papers published by MCU faculty members and students during the past 11 years, which have been cited 1893 times; the average number of citations was 8.76. Among these, 3 papers were noted to be highly cited papers, including Effects of Different Types of Exercise on Body Composition, Muscle Strength, and IGF-1 in the Elderly with Sarcopenic Obesity by Chen, Hung-Ting, Assistant Professor in the Office of Physical Education of the Institute of General Education.