MCU Included in Emerging Economies University Rankings for 3 Consecutive Years

Times Higher Education (THE) released Emerging Economies University Rankings 2020 on Feb. 18, 2020, listing a total of 533 universities in 47 countries. Ming Chuan is one of the 36 universities in Taiwan appearing in the ranking. MCU’s performance in educational operations and its results in international education have been repeatedly affirmed at home and abroad, which has led to MCU being included in the ranking for 3 consecutive years.

The ranking especially affirmed the effectiveness of Taiwan’s continuous promotion of Higher Education Sprout Project. MCU’s Higher Education Sprout Project focuses on innovative teaching and knowledge–action integration, comprehensively promoting collaborations between departments and enterprises, which nurtures industrial knowledge and resources in university education. Other significant strategies such as overall industry integration, plus global internships and employment promote, students’ competitiveness in the job market, so that students’ graduating into employment has become MCU’s premier educational goal.