MCU Consecutively Enrolls Top Number of International Students in 2019-20AY Among Private Universities

Based on the first stage information for 2019-20 AY announced by the Ministry of Education through Higher Education Institution Affairs Information Public Platform on December 27, 2019, MCU once again enrolled the Top Number of international students in 2019-20AY among private universities.

Ming Chuan University recruited 898 foreign students, 309 overseas Chinese students, 377 students from Hong Kong and Macau, and 373 Mainland China students, a total of 1,957 international students, top among private universities. Analysis based on nationality shows that most of the foreign students are from Asia: 485 students from Malaysia, 197 students from Vietnam, 109 students form Indonesia, 65 students from Japan and 40 students from Thailand. MCU has good achievement in expanding education throughout Southeast Asia.