Ready for MC Weekly Volume 1000 – Short Film Contest with Prize of NTD 10,000

To celebrate the coming publication of MC Weekly Volume 1000, and to promote the Facebook fans page of MC Weekly, the university is going to hold a Popular Short Film Contest. All students and faculty and staff members are eligible to participate in the contest. Let your creative juices flow with passion, and the NTD 10,000 prize is waiting for you to win!

All full-time students and faculty and staff members are welcome to participate in the contest. Choose to participate solo or as a team (no limitation on number of team members, but choose one member as a representative to sign up for the contest.); each applicant only can submit one film. Focusing on the theme of celebrating Volume 1000 of MC Weekly, applicants should produce their own creative film on campus; the maximum duration of the film is 2 minutes, with no limitation of the type (excluding 360-degree videos).

Application period is open from now through 00:00 on March 5th. The general review standards are: video reach (20%), number of shares (20%), number of thumbs-up (20%), number of views (25%), and click-though rate (15%). NTD 10,000 is the top prize for this contest. More details on the contest are available on MC Weekly website: http://www.week.mcu.edu.tw.

The activity registration system https://www.week.mcu.edu.tw/shortfilm1000 .