【943Enews】7+1 Program Launched for Promoting Full-time Internships

The university is promoting full-time internships to implement MCU’s goal of students “graduating into employment” and to assist them in smoothly connecting with the industry. The School of Tourism successfully assisted more than 40 graduates in earning jobs through internships in the second semester last year, and more Schools are restructuring their curriculum accordingly this year. Moreover, MCU started to promote the 7+1 Program last year, in which students will study on campus for the first 7 semesters and intern in a cooperating industry firm during their final semester. Besides the departments in the School of Tourism, the departments of Business Administration and Accounting in the School of Management will also be participating in 7+1 Program from the 2nd semester of 2016-17. Dr. Chih, Wen-Li, Dean of Academic Affairs, said that 7+1 Program is different from short-term internships in that students will be paid or non-paid interns (according to arrangements with different firms) five days per week. A workshop will be held for third-year students and all interested students can apply to the university for an internship search. In order to promote this program, MCU has restructured the overall curriculum so that all required courses can be finished during the first 7 semesters.

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