【911Enews】New Administrators for New Semester

by Florrie Lin There are some administrator changes for the new semester. Dr. Wu, Hsin-Hsing will be Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Special Assistant to the President and Executive Director of the Preparatory Office for Liu Ming-Chuan Academy. This professor was formerly the Vice President of Southern Taiwan University. Dr. Shen, Pei-Di continues as a full-time professor and the director of Teacher Education Center, and now is also General Education Committee convener. Dr. Wong, Cun-Xuan is a full-time associate professor and the director of the International Business and Trade Program in International College. He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Iowa State University in the U.S. with specialties in Financial Econometrics, International Financial Markets, Derivatives, and Behavioral Finance. Dr. Fan, Guo-Yong will be a full-time associate professor and the director of Department of Security Management and Social Work. Dr. Liu, Ping-Chiun will continue as a full-time professor of Financial Law Department and will now be chair of the Financial Law Department because Dr. Yen, Ting-Tong is temporarily transferred to serve at the Fair Trade Commission.

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