【841Enews】24th MCU Literary Award Website Makes Submission Simple

by Yuli Cheung The web site of the 24th Ming Chuan University Literary Awards is fully constructed and open for use. If you are ready for the challenge of entering the competition, download and complete the online registration form. After that, you can upload your completed works to the Ming Chuan University Literary Awards’ web site. There is no limit on the number of works you may upload, aside for one Photography category. In case you are going to take part in the Creative Free-style Photography, you should upload your works online as normal, but you also have to develop 5×7 photos for submission as well. Those who are interested in Campus Culture Photography, please note that only 5 works per student can be uploaded for the competition, and you cannot replace any work after you upload it. As a reminder, before submission, do not forget to download the submission form for each section by clicking on “I Want to Submit” on the web site. Submissions to the 24th Ming Chuan University Literary Awards include: novel, prose, poetry and photography, a total of 4 sections. Each section will have 4 winners and all winners will receive monetary prizes. You can get more details or the latest information by viewing the 24th Ming Chuan University Literary Awards’ web site. Don’t live with regret; it is time for you to fulfill your beautiful school life. We are all waiting to see you in this competition!

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