【841Enews】International students\\\’ calligraphy contest winner

by Sue-Lin Tan The international student calligraphy contest successfully ended on November 2, with participants from many different countries. This contest was a special event and a good chance for international students to get to know about Chinese culture. The first prize was won by Adriana Escalante, 2nd prize by Justin Caleb Cooper, 3rd prize by Kevin Chen and the outstanding prize awent to Rodrigo Gonzalez. Adriana Escalante, an ITM3 student from El Salvador, did a great job and earned the championship title. “This was my second time participating in the calligraphy contest, and I felt surprised as I won the first prize because I didn’t expect it at all,” she said. In addition, she mentioned that she enjoys writing calligraphy, even though it’s difficult to learn calligraphy writing. Lastly, she would like to share this aspect of culture to her family and friends. This event was a great opportunity for international students to try something new and promote Chinese culture. Students who didn’t get the title: Don’t be frustrated; keep up your efforts and join this event again next year.

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