【841Enews】MC Weekly English News Page Now Online

by Yuli Cheung Question Time! Have you found any difference on Ming Chuan Weekly’s web site recently? The answer is yes. There is a new page called English News. For the convenience for foreign students to get the latest school information, Ming Chuan Weekly will post the English news on this new page frequently. Moreover, one English headline new will be posted on the front page of Ming Chuan’s web site. By clicking that headline new you can be linked to the English News page. Moreover, students can leave their personal views or suggestions by using the message function at the end of each news item. Important: You have to login in as a member before messaging! Ming Chuan hopes local and foreign students alike can get into school life thoroughly. Therefore, this new English News page can help foreign students know more about the school. Meanwhile, local students can strengthen their English reading ability, too. All of us can catch up with being more international.

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