【841Enews】2012 Mongolian Students Gathering in Taoyuan

by Ivy Lin The 2012 3rd Gathering and Fun Competition for Mongolian Students in Taiwan will kick off at Ming Chuan University’s Taoyuan campus on November 30th. In order to enhance the relationship of Mongolian students in Taiwan, and enhance higher education interaction between the two countries, the Ministry of Education has appointed MCU to set up the Taiwan Education Center Mongolia. MCU president, Dr. Lee, will host the opening ceremony at 9:30am. Honored guests include Mr. Enkh-Amgalanbaatar, Head of Ulaanbaatar Trade and Economic Representative Office in Taipei, and officials from the Ministry of Education. So far, 250 Mongolian students from 23 universities and colleges have signed up to participate in this year’s activity, which will include exciting 3-on-3 basketball games in the gym and interesting activities such as 10-People/11-Feet Race, Backyard Wrestling, Taiwan Fruit Bingo, as well as winners’ presentations for 2012 Mongolian Feet Rambling in Taiwan. The activities will allow Mongolian students to relax and get to know each other, making MCU a great bridge among foreign students pursuing their education here in Taiwan. In recent years especially, the active interaction between Mongolian students and Ming Chuan University has grown noticeably, which shows success in international education. According to the Ministry of Education (statistics from 2011-12 academic year), there are 551 Mongolian students pursuing degrees, exchange and Mandarin programs in Taiwan. It is estimated that the number will raise to 600 this year. As far as MCU is concerned, we currently have 39 degree seekers and 8 exchange students from Mongolia.

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