【841Enews】Experience Hakka culture in Hsinchu

by Sue-Lin Tan Hakka culture is one of the unique things in Taiwan, as they have their own dialect, traditions and food. People to People International (PTPI) has organized a one-day trip to Hsinchu on December 1; the PTPI members and international students are going to visit the distinctive Hakka towns of Beipu and Neiwan. On this trip, students will have a chance to make Hakka tea which is a bowl of ground-up grains, and also Hakka sticky rice. Other than that, they will also taste traditional Hakka cuisine near Neiwan Theater. At the last stop, they will be visiting Neiwan old street to feel the life and spirit of the 50s. Students have a chance to get close to Hakka culture, as they can know more about Taiwan history and taste the very famous Hakka cuisine. Students are encouraged to register for this trip; don’t forget to show up on that day. For any further information, please contact Irene at: 0987 233 767.

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