【841Enews】MCU Earns Commendation for Holding Taiwan Education Fair in US

by Florrie Lin & Keven Chen To attract foreign students who study in the US, “2012 – 1st Taiwan Education Fair in US” was held by Taiwan Education Center in the US, that was established by Ming Chuan University and is authorized by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (T.E.C.O.) in Los Angeles. It was not only the first event held by the Taiwan Education Center in US after its registration as a non-profit organization in the US, but also the first time for the R.O.C. to hold an educational recruitment fair in the US. President Lee said in his welcoming remarks that it was really important and meaningful to hold the “Taiwan Education Fair in US” in Los Angeles, the city with the most overseas Chinese in the States. He notes that Ming Chuan hopes to share the excellent higher education environment, friendly and safe living conditions, advantage tuition fee and Chinese learning environment in Taiwan with overseas Chinese and attract more overseas Chinese students to study in Taiwan. Aside from the presidents from 15 Taiwanese universities and colleges, the Minister of Education, Wei-ling Chiang, and Chief of the Education Ministry’s Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations, Wen-Tung Lin, also took part in this fair.

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