【841Enews】Post-midterm Course Drop Applications Available This Week

by Janet Chao & Keven Chen Didn’t do well on your midterm exams? You may file an online application this week (11/26-30) to reduce your weekly study load. In accordance with Ming Chuan University Procedures for Post-midterm Course-reduction Application, students who fail 1/3 of their course credits in the midterm exam may apply to drop 1 course, fail more than 1/3 but less than 1/2 of course credits, up to 2 courses; fail 1/2 or more of course credits, up to 3 courses. The Academic Affairs Division emphasizes that the semester’s total credits must not fall below the minimum credits required for full-time enrollment. Moreover, starting this semester, no printed notice will be provided; students are asked to check online themselves.

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