【838】Halloween Party Rocked Sun Yat Sen Auditorium

by Vickey Hsu On October 23, International Cultural Exchange Society (ICES) hosted “Trick or Treat Halloween Party” at Sun Yat Sen Auditorium. The event welcomed students from International College, other school departments and also students from Taoyuan Campus. The Trick or Treat Halloween Party attracted more than 200 people to join and the full-on programs made it really fascinating. Beginning from 6:30 pm, students attired in really decorative costumes and scary make-up started to enter the auditorium. Sun Yat Sen Auditorium was decorated as a giant spooky Halloween house with hundreds of helium balloons. Most of the participants got a cute balloon at the end. “I think the overall atmosphere is very good and the decoration of the venue is very fine,” Elsa Wei, a student from International College said. Elsa and her friend really enjoyed the night. During the party there were free buffet, live music played by DJ, horror story telling competition, band performance from the Acoustic and Rock Music Club, dance time and, lastly, a contest for the best Halloween costume. The climax was when the band from the A&R Club performed and also when the dance time was on. Battle dance was the most remarkable part of the night. It totally rocked the whole venue. This year, ICES will be making a donation on behalf of Ming Chuan University students to the Holy World Children’s Home in Tienmu, and this has made the event a really meaningful and valuable one. No matter if you joined the Trick or Treat Halloween Party or not, hope everyone has a good time during the coming Halloween. You can try and knock on your neighbors’ doors and say, “Trick or treat!”

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