【838】Department Cup Relay Tournament

by Keven Chen Men’s and Women’s 2000m relay race will be held this year on both campus, with registration starting from today till 11/9 at 12:00 noon. The competition is class-by-class; if the number of men or women in a class section is under 10, they are allowed to borrow students from other classes in their department or members may choose to run twice to make up the number of contestants. Insufficient numbers of women can’t be made up by male students, but insufficient numbers of men can be replaced by female students. The days of the competition are 11/19~23 for both campuses on the track and field. The top 3 teams in the competition on Taipei campus and top 6 on Taoyuan campus will take part in the final competition. The top teams will be awarded with cash and certificates: First place NTD4000, second NTD3000, third NTD2000, and NTD 1500 for each of the following three places. Members of these teams will also be awarded with one or two Recognitions. Two Recognitions will be awarded to the first-place and second-place team members, and one Recognition to third-place through sixth-place team members. Information from the Physical Education Office

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