【838】Midterm Exams on November 5~9

by Vickey Hsu Coming up in a week are the midterm exams, from the 5th to the 9th of November. This is will be the first exam for all freshmen here at Ming Chuan University. Students should pay close attention to the exam regulations. First, students are to check for their exam schedules in the Student Information Network section of the MCU website. It is best if you print out or carefully note your individual exam schedule. Please pay careful attention to the examination time, course subject, the classroom and the exact seat where you will be sitting each exam. Students must bring their student ID with them on exam days. Or, a temporary student identification card may be applied for at the Exam Administration Center on both campuses. Also, students are not allowed to enter the classroom 15 minutes from the initial exam period bell; nor will they be allowed to leave during the first 20 minutes of the exam. Cheating during exams is strictly prohibited. Students breaching this rule may be expelled. You must not carry electronic devices with memory function on your person or desk during the exam. Cell phones must be turned off at all times during the exam. Lastly, please be aware that there will be no make-ups for the midterm exams; therefore, you must remember when and where you will be having your exams. Be on time or arrive at the examination rooms in advance so that you can be more prepared. Good luck to everyone! Wish you all A’s on your midterms.

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