【838Enews】Come Share your Country’s Festivals

by Vina Frederick Ming Chuan Magazine is currently accepting student submissions on the topic “Our most interesting festivals”. Students are encouraged to write a 600-word essay on any festival celebrated in his/her respective country. This initiative is geared towards educating university students on the many festivals that various countries celebrate. At least three photos depicting the festival should accompany the essay, which should include festival origin, characteristics, mode of celebration, its significance and so forth. Contributors will be awarded 4 hours of service learning, and those whose works are published will be rewarded $500NT 7-11 vouchers. All students are encouraged to participate and send in submissions to jpchen@mail.mcu.edu.tw . The email subject line should read “Our Festival”. Deadline for submission is November 16, 2012.

➔ 歡迎轉載《銘傳一週》新聞,引用請註明出處