【838】Get Creative–Compete for Literary Awards

by Yuli Cheung Ming Chuan University encourages students to use words or photographs to stimulate your endless creative juices! If you want to leave some special memory of your school life, a precious opportunity is coming. General Secretary’s Division is holding the 24th MCU Literary Prize. Submissions may be made from November 12 to December 31, 2012. The submissions include Chinese novel, also Chinese or English prose and topical prose, the theme of which is “Infinite Love” but this special category is only open for Chinese. Moreover, you can write Modern or Classical Chinese poetry, and English poetry, as well. In case you are not so comfortable with words, you can consider entering Photography. This is separated into Campus Culture Photography, in which all photos must be taken on Ming Chuan University’s campus and include ‘people’ images, as well as Creative Free-style Photography with no specific theme. Each section will have 4 winners and they all can win monetary prizes up to 15,000 NTD. Before submission, you can download and complete the registration form, also get your hand on the latest information via Ming Chuan University Literary Awards’ website. However, the full website is still being built up. Last year, Pare Joahni from International College won the first prize of English prose and poetry. Moreover, he also won an honorable mention of Chinese prose. Without a doubt, he attained an outstanding performance and gave us an impressive memory by proving that languages needn’t block your creativity. Therefore, all foreign students: You can take up this challenge and imagine your “Chinese” dream, too. Pick up your pen, open your mind and start your brainstorming; you can unearth the beauty of your inner life.

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