【833Enews】Your courtesy and respect for the law ensures your riding safety

by Florrie Lin According to statistics submitted by the Student Affairs Division, the reasons for a higher ratio of motor vehicle accidents and passenger injury among MCU students are students not paying attention to approaching vehicles, speeding, following at unsafe distances and riding motor scooters in vehicle lanes. Therefore, the Student Affairs Division is enhancing the promotion of “Traffic Safety” to ensure students totally understand the importance of traffic safety. For pedestrians: Pedestrians must use the regulated crosswalks and obey traffic signs. Moreover, a lot of people have smart phones in hand; their behavior of listening to music and playing with the smart phone while walking are all dangerous. A few days ago, a student fell into the ditch due to looking at the smart phone without being aware of the road condition. Here we remind students once again, please do not play on your mobile phone while walking; rather pay attention to where you are walking. For riding motor scooters: As mentioned above, the main reasons for motor vehicle accidents vary. MCU students should note that there are a lot of industrial areas near Taoyuan campus and many large vehicles travel those roads. Students should avoid riding beside the large vehicles, pay attention to the possible turning direction of large vehicles and watch out for the dead corner by the wheels. ”You only get one life; there is no rewind”. Be alert; enhance traffic safety knowledge to prevent traffic accidents.

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