【833Enews】Campus Health Services Section Guards Your Health

translated by Janet Chao To expand service, the Campus Health Services Section has updated its facilities and equipment, as well as its medical treatment service. Besides wound bandaging, blood pressure check, weight check, and medical consultation this semester; all faculty, staff and students can show their IDs (ARCs for foreign students) and NHI cards for general acute and chronic disease treatment, with no registration or physician fee. After seeing the doctor, you may take the prescription to the pharmacy next door to pick up your medication. You may need to make a partial payment for medicine. Currently, doctors from Taipei Veterans General Hospital and Cardinal Tien Hospital serve those on Taipei campus; and doctors from Taoyuan Veterans Hospital rotate to serve on Taoyuan campus. Outpatient service schedule is shown in the table above. Moreover, the newly established Daxing Ming Chuan Pharmacy on Taoyuan campus has two pharmacists to fill prescriptions and give medication consultation. English service is available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:30 to 16:30. In addition, cosmetic and OTC products will gradually be available for a favorable price. Individuals with chronic disease may also take their prescriptions to consult with the pharmacists for delivery service.

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