【833Enews】MCU Faculty/Staff Health Checkup on Thursday

by Janet Chao To promote the health of faculty and staff members, the Campus Health Services Section has arranged with hospitals for free health checkups on campus from 7:30 am to 11:30 am on 9/27 (Thursday) at Sun Yat Sen Auditorium Arts Center on Taipei campus and 1F Hallway of the Library on Taoyuan Campus. A reminder to those who have signed up: Please don’t take any food or water after midnight on 9/26 (Wednesday). The free checkup includes Urine Routine Test, CBC, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Cholesterol Test, and Diabetes Mellitus Screening. A digital x-ray vehicle will also be on campus to check for cardiac hypertrophy and respiratory diseases. Besides, faculty and staff members may also select and pay for other exam items, as they choose. For more details on other exam items please refer to the email notice from Campus Health Services Section. The Campus Health Services Section reminds everyone that prevention is better than cure. One examination now lessens the regrets later. For the sake of your health, please take the checkup if at all possible.

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