【833Enews】International Exchanges – in and out of Taiwan

by Yuli Cheung In 2012-13 academic year, Ming Chuan is pleasure to have a total of 116 international exchange students from sister schools in various countries. Most of them -63 students – come from Korea. In order to take care of the exchange students, International Education & Exchange Division has set up an international student buddy program. Each exchange student will have a local student arranged as a partner. The local students will help the oversea students to get used to the new school life and experience Taiwan’s local culture. If you have passion to meet new friends and learn something different, you can keep your eyes open for news of the international student buddy program. According to the latest figures, exchange students are studying in International College, School of Management and School of Education and Applied Languages this year. Besides the 63 Korean students, 13 students come from Germany, 10 from France, 8 from Mongolia, 5 students from Poland, 4 from Hong Kong and 3 from the U.S. The remaining 10 exchange students come from Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Switzerland and Thailand. In addition to welcoming these 116 international students, MCU is pleased to have 40 local students participating in exchange opportunities at our international sister schools in different countries this academic year. The highest number, 22, of local students are studying at a Korean sister school, 4 in the U.S., and 5 go to France and Germany, respectively. There are 2 students studying in Sweden, and 1 each in Switzerland and Thailand. Moreover, Ming Chuan successfully applied for a NTD 1,520,000 grant from the Ministry of Education’s Study Abroad ‘Flying’ Project, which provides subsidies to these local students on study exchange. For any inquiries about overseas study programs, check the website of International Education and Exchange Division.

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