Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted Students who are interested in applying for campus scholarships should file their applications online by 10/5 (Friday) via Student Information Network System. For “low-income” scholarship applications, students should turn in necessary proof and documentation to the Student Advising Section on Taipei campus or Taoyuan Student Affairs Section. Freshmen Cup Tournaments Begins The Freshmen Cup ball games are a great opportunity for all freshmen to make new friends and have fun as they compete. Applications for the MCU Annual Freshmen Cup basketball, volleyball and swimming are being accepted now through next Wednesday (9/19) at 12:30 p.m. The Physical Education Office would like to remind participants and contestants that a draw for game order will take place on 9/21 (Friday) at 12:30 p.m. Therefore, a representative from each team must be present to make the draw. Faculty Reading Clubs Applications for the Fall 2012 faculty reading clubs end on 9/20 (Thursday). Please apply as groups of at least 6 people. Each group must at least meet once per month and turn in 3 reflection reports. For those interested, please email the completed application form to Results will be announced by 10/5. Student Club and Graduating Class Representatives Meeting The Student Club and Graduating Class Representatives Meeting for the Fall 2012 semester will be held this Friday (9/14) at noon on Taoyuan campus in P102 and EE106, respectively. These meetings concern students’ right and responsibilities, therefore all representatives must be present (If a graduating class has not yet chosen a class representative, then the class leader must attend the meeting). Attendees will be provided a lunch box.