【829Enews】Unexpected Harvest of Learning

房志英(應英二丁) It’s been my pleasure to join this English teaching activity. I learned a lot through teaching others. This interesting experience gave me an unexpected harvest. Before I contacted with my tutees for the first time, I did not know what they really needed. After communicating with them, I decided to choose a grammar book written by Professor Lee, Jia-Tung. I gave them each chapter in advance and asked them to preview the lesson; all of them followed my instruction and did the exercises in each chapter before class. Their efforts helped me as the tutor and the students themselves because they already had a general idea of what they were going to learn. Consequently, they could gradually grasp grammar points well. Prior to each class, I had to look for suitable articles and preview teaching materials. It helped me review what I had learned before and brought me new reflection. This reflection even inspired me to think about a new learning method and gave me a broader point of view. I am thankful for my students’ hard work. Without them, I would not learn more than they did.

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