【829Enews】Encouraging Motivation

蕭逸心(應日三乙) First of all, it wasn’t easy to find a time that fit our schedules this semester, and I really appreciate that my tutees can come every Friday, even though they don’t actually have class on that day. They bore their responsibility to complete the whole session. Even the student who didn’t survive last semester has succeeded. Their speaking ability is definitely improving. Everyone contributes to the discussion now and they are able to correct each other, discuss what is the best the way to express what they want to say, and keep talking till I say stop. This is better than last semester, when they couldn’t talk more than 5 minutes. One of the tutees told me that he did a great job memorizing a text from the book and read it aloud in front of the class. I still remember in the very beginning our first class, he hesitated when I wanted him to introduce himself. We have excellent atmosphere during our lessons, since they are all classmates; this makes learning English more fun and relaxing. I think this is a good motivation for me, teaching them, and for my tutees. Moreover, I’m happy they brought two other classmates to join our class this semester.

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