【828Enews】5月英文報/2012 Graduation Ceremony on 6/2-3; we’ve graduated!

The 2012 Ming Chuan University Graduation Ceremony will be held this coming Saturday and Sunday. Besides the university-wide graduation ceremony, International College organizes a unique graduation ceremony specially for international students. The international graduation ceremony will be held on 6/2 on Taoyuan Campus. There are a total of 187 international graduates this year, including bachelors’ and masters’ degrees. International College has prepared a series of activities on those two days to bid farewell to all of them. The first activity is a graduation luncheon from 12:00 to 14:00 on the ground floor of P building. Following After the meal, there will be afternoon tea gathering in FFB101 from 14:00 until 15:00. Following, is the IC graduation ceremony from 15:00 to 16:00, at which different countries’ ambassadors will be our honored guests. President Lee will host of this ceremony. And, the Dean’s Prize will be conferred to the international students who achieved outstanding academic performance during their university studies. This year, IC is particularly proud of one of the graduates, Samuel J. Castro, who earned his IBM bachelor degree in 2010 and will graduate with a master’s degree in international affair this year. After finishing his study at Ming Chuan University, he is going to work as the ambassador of the Dominican Embassy in Taiwan. We wish him much success in his diplomatic career. All international graduates, in addition to this distinct ceremony, also have to participate in the university’s graduation ceremony with all of the other graduates. The graduation ceremony of Taoyuan campus will be on the evening of 6/2 and the Taipei campus event will be held on the evening of 6/3. MCU will express our true blessing to all the graduates under a sky of beautiful fireworks, extending our best wishes to each one to become the brightest star in your chosen field. Farewell!

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